How to pay using pay pal

how to pay using pay pal

Re: How to buy from Aliexpress seller using PayPal. Hi rajmercury. If they dont accept ppal then u cant pay through ppal. Unless they have their own private ppal. Hope this helps! Don't forget to send money and confirm!. Pay in a flash. Buy online simply and securely at millions of online stores with just an email address and password. Stay secure and never enter your card.

How to pay using pay pal - kannst mit

Stay secure and never enter your card number and personal information again. This is a relatively new option that allows you to purchase a gift card-style card from a physical store such as a Walmart or a Rite Aid Pharmacy, and then enter the card code on the PayPal site to transfer the money you put on the card into your PayPal account. PayPal has a number of withdrawal options that vary in delivery medium and convenience. How do I pay with PayPal at a retail store? Your debit card is linked directly to your checking account.

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